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It’s not about us.

It’s about your audience.

With over 20 years of experience crafting strategic solutions, Our team unlocks potential for global and domestic brands by ensuring relevance to your audience, differentiation from your competition, and authenticity to your business.


verb: gel; 3rd person present: gels; past tense: gelled; past participle: gelled; gerund or present participle: gelling
  1. a thick, clear, slightly sticky substance, especially one used in cosmetic
  2. to form cohesion of two parties or thoughts; to cohere.
  3. to understand eachother
Gel is where...
Our Approach

Process Makes Perfect


We immerse ourselves in your organization, sector, and challenge. Diving in deep to the heart of what makes your business special, to gain alignment on how we can help you stand out from your competition.


We digest and distill. Our research becomes a map that starts and ends with your consumer. Positioning and making recommendations for your business to stand out through a resonating story that stands the test of time.


Your brand story is then realized visually. Through 
bold, transformative visual concepts, we cut to the heart (and mind) of your consumer by creating unique design systems that stand out and communicate what's true--and truly unique--to your organization.


We then put your brand to work. Launching your story through the most impactful touchpoint, we ensure that your brand remains consistent and ready for market. Whether it’s in stores, digital, or beyond, we’re your long-term partner in crime.

Patricio Fuentes
Principal & Founder
Chris Thomas
Creative Director
Pauline Bojorquez
Account Executive
Julie McPeek
Strategist / Marketing Analyst
Ricardo Aum
Digital Creative Director
Sophie Curalli
Brenna McPeek
Strategist / Copywriter
Ethal Fuentes
The Brains of the Operation
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