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What We've learned from 25 Years of Packaging

June 27, 2024

This August, we're celebrating 26 years in business! 🎂 from our beginnings in entertainment licensing, we've had the honor of working with iconic brands like Disney, Mattel, Hasbro, and Warner Bros.

After launching over 1500 package designs, we’ve learned a few things. Here are our top five lessons:

Define the Target Audience 🎯

Understanding your audience is crucial. Whether it’s toys or consumer goods, knowing who you're designing for shapes every aspect of your launch strategy. Toys often have a more complex audience than food products. Knowing the primary decision-maker is critical. Our work with P&G Kids Oral Care relied on understanding how moms and their finicky tweens decide what’s right for the family.

Start with Sketches ✏️

Kick off the creative process with sketches. Despite advances in AI, toy packaging demands unique structural experimentation. It’s faster to iterate ideas in drawing form than digital comps, which can limit our imagination. Experiment and make changes easily at this stage.

Focus on Messaging 🗣️

Your first moment of truth is a nano moment. Messaging and visuals need to communicate who you are and why you matter instantly. The front of the package should clearly highlight the product’s key benefits and features. In competitive markets, improving the priority of communication can give your brand an edge.

Iterate and Test 👀

Don’t settle for the first design. Create multiple versions and test them with your target audience. Feedback is invaluable for refining the final product. Affordable tools now allow companies to test products online and form reusable panels from all demographics.

Stay Updated with Trends 📈

Packaging design is ever-evolving. Keep up with the latest trends and innovations to ensure your designs stay fresh and appealing. As AI becomes more accessible, it’s important to use technology wisely. Misuse can lead to issues with proprietary assets, an evolving topic we’re closely monitoring.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these principles can guide you in developing successful package designs. And remember, hiring a packaging expert who understands how brand strategy, platform, and target audience influence design creativity can be invaluable. A well-developed packaging line is the best sales, advertising, and marketing tool a brand can have, working for you 24/7.

Share your thoughts and experiences with us! Have you faced any challenges in packaging design? How did you overcome them? Join the conversation below!

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