Witches used to have a rough time, folks. Not even 300 years ago, if you were a dark-arts-dabbler, your spells would have spelled trouble for you in the form of flames or rope or stones or a crew of aggro monks. Heck, you didn’t even have to be a witch—just solving some hard math problems might have landed you at the business end of a pitchfork.We’ve come a long way, dear coven.Neatseekers, we at Gelcomm Headquarters are happy to report that you can now witch it up year-round, 100% flames-free. Want to plaster your binder with more pentagrams than Pythagoras’ diary? Want to paint your nails jet black and tattoo some moon cycles on fingers? You’re in good company in 2017. Long gone are the witches-get-stitches days of yore, and here is a magical new era of witchy elevation. Dust off those tarot cards.Hocus-pocus, kween.1. Hexing My Haters Baseball Tee 2. PartTimePrincess Shirt 3. Crypticat Jacket 4. Witchsy Pin 5. Ultraterrestrial Witch Patch 6. lOll3SHOP Teen Witch Stickers 7. Obey Magic Hand Tee 8. Alba Filella Illustration 9. Punkypins Ouiji Board Mystic Occult lapel pinsSuggested soundtrack for this trend.SaveSave