We’re honored that our design studio sits within historic downtown Los Angeles. The buildings in our neighborhood stir up all the nostalgia with their Art Deco and roaring 20’s architecture.Although much of the city is now made up of modern skyscrapers, our historic corner still thrives in vibrancy, because of its time machine characteristics. In fact, Spring Street serves to be the setting for many Hollywood films that are set to take place decades ago.Some of the locations photographed are among the more well-known structures built in the mid-1920’s when Los Angeles began its golden age. Most have made slight changes throughout the years; however, even in the midst of the new coffee shops, restaurants, and bars, the captivating beauty that belongs to the mid 20th century remain the highlight of this grand neighborhood.1. Angel's Flight 2. Pershing Square 3. 6th Street 4. Spring Arcade Building 5. Hayward Hotel 6. Broadway