Instagram started as a photo editing/sharing app in the early days of social media back in 2010. Eight years later, its purpose has become so much more valuable than ever before.This powerful application has turned into an entertainment hub, creative’s archive, entrepreneur’s marketing tool, and a blogger’s diary. The Instagram scene is where many people from preteens to baby boomers have created a space to inspire one another, discover and embrace their very own styles, and network like never before. Personal branding is among the many trends inhabiting Instagram, making it easy for businesses and success hungry digital natives to cultivate their audiences and show off their dreams.Instagram is continually evolving with its users and taking complete ownership in our digital age.1. Pickles & Roses 2. Insta Story 3. Pickles & Roses 4. Nike 5. @muradosmann 6. Wright Kitchen 7. Califia Farms 8. Molly Jacquess 9. Freshly Picked 10. Good Type