It’s been said (we’re looking at you, New York) that you can’t find a truly great slice of pizza in Los Angeles. A suspect claim, to be sure, but one best not rebutted in polite company.And, why bother? Leave your pizza brawls for the parlor, Neatseekers, because Los Angeles is all about saucy, savory, mouth-loving Mexican food.At Gelcomm, we’re lucky enough to be located in the historic heart of the city—founded 236 years ago by settlers from present-day Mexico. Downtown has seen countless reinventions since then as it reaches outward and upward, but it’s culinary traditions have held fast, and are now being proudly carried into the age of Instagram as a new generation of restaurateurs take the torch. Here are a few of our favorites, old and new:AliciaCHICAS (1)They combine two of my favorite things: fish tacos and Caesar salad. They'll spike a full coconut for you to drink from and you can enjoy your tacos and unique flavors of aguas fresca outside on the kitschy AstroTurf under the shade of a vintage Airstream.BrianTACOS ACAPULCO (2)Fast and inexpensive. Their food is delicious, authentic and the place has retained a no-nonsense charm. The also serve sliced cucumbers with their tacos!PaulineCASA LA DOÑA (3)They make a delicious Chilaquiles dish with fried eggs and beans. Great salsa bar too.DerekSONORATOWN (4)I’ve lived in LA my whole life, and it took 30 years for me to decide on the best taco. Sonoratown is it. Mesquite-grilled meat, robust, fresh salsas, and spunky service from your friendly neighborhood Jen Feltham. It’s all I ever need.PatoGUISADOS (5)Great, authentic taste, and reasonably priced. Tortillas stone-ground fresh all day!AlisonSONORATOWN (4)Even though this spot is always busy during the lunch hour, the vibe, the two flavors of house-made salsa, and the scent of mesquite-grilled meat are always welcoming.Suggested soundtrack for this trend.SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave