Health trends come at you 2 fast, 2 furious on the neat streets of Los Angeles. Just when you start warming up to kombucha as your miracle elixir, along comes a collagen smoothie or a cold bottle of pea milk to edge the poor guy out of your fridge. So many ways to stay alive, so little time.Which trends set themselves apart from the pack as legitimate, objectively healthy practices? We can’t answer this. We’re a design agency. Please don’t shed a tear, though, because we’re happy to inform you that we can let you in on which food trends look great, and boy do we have a looker this week—pitch black foods.Infused with “activated charcoal,” these strange and seductive creations are about as Instagram-ready as a food can be. Buoyed by this social media swagger and claims of charcoal’s detoxifying properties, establishments like DTLA’s Little Damage have people lining up around the block (not an exaggeration) for a taste of darkness. This is food so good looking, it hardly matters whether it’s healthy. We’ll keep telling ourselves it is, though.1. Little Damage Soft Serve, 2. Le Coq Rico Black Truffle Ice Cream, 3. Olivella Charcoal Pizza, 4. Black Truffle Macarons, 5. Ikea Japan Ninja Dog, 6. Pressed Juicery Activated Charcoal Lemonade