If you’re a storied American city with ample space and great bone structure, the 2010s have been a wild ride. Nashville, Austin, Raleigh, Denver, Portland—millennial boom towns are emerging out of hibernating metropolises at a breakneck pace with cultures, traditions, long-time residents, and well-heeled bohemians blending together to create spicy new cultural stews. No matter which side of the kitchen you’re on, it’s a lot to take in.Having just returned from visiting clients in Alabama (Hi Milo’s! Hi Fenwick!), we’re happy to report that we found Birmingham, “The Magic City,” to have all the bubbling vitality of a burgeoning American city while still maintaining a strong sense of unique charm. It’s a confident city whose changing skyline, growing alternative power grid, and shifting retail landscape seem every bit the setting for the “next big thing,” while its roots remain alive and well in its gorgeous Neo-Gothic and Colonial Revival architecture, lush greenery, and small-town, Southern hospitality. We felt welcome everywhere we went and happily ate more than our fair share of catfish. See you again soon, Alabama.1. The Ark Family Restaurant, 2. Milo's Tea, 3. Alabama River, 4. Alabama woodland road, 5. Alabama Theatre, 6. Magic City sign, 7. Alabama Theatre, 8. Alabama Power solar panelsSuggested soundtrack for this trend.SaveSave