The West Coast has decided to take the Plastic Crisis into its own hands. With a very rough estimate of 300 million tons of plastic that is being processed every year, there lies a gigantic pile of waste in the Pacific Ocean. How gigantic is the pile? Picture Texas doubled, and it’s even bigger than that. Many argue that plastic is the culprit, causing mass amounts of destruction to marine life and the environment as a whole. All over the world scientists are urging humans to be more cautious of how much plastic they are consuming.In America alone, it is estimated that 500 million straws are being disposed daily. Although straws are not the main cause of the plastic crisis, it is a vital step toward fully becoming plastic free. So by 2020, plastic straws will be outlawed in the state of California entirely with many penalties against anyone that breaks this law. Businesses are starting to take the leap as 2020 approaches, and are opting for strawless lids, stainless steel straws, straws made out of hay, paper straws, and many more creative alternatives. The way Gelcomm operates, being apart of the packaging industry, will be forever changed and we are stoked on all of the unique opportunities to sustainably create and design!1. Straws Illustration 2. Steel Straw 3. Bamboo Straw 4. Paper Straws 5. Hay Straws 6. Starbucks 7. Waste 8. Straw Ban