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Creating the Perfect Package

November 26, 2019

Originally published in the Marijana Times by Joe Klare


The legalization of cannabis has had considerable impact on many industries, from transportation to security to marketing. Companies that will never come close to an actual cannabis plant have niches to fill all over this new and growing industry.

An area now in need in the cannabis industry is packaging. Just about every cannabis or cannabis-related product needs to be in a package container, and often in one that needs to follow certain rules specific to the state or jurisdiction it’s being sold in.

One of the companies at the forefront of this sector of the new cannabis industry is BoldCondensed. Powered by Gelcomm, a creative agency that has specialized in consumer-first branding for the past 21 years, BoldCondensed was created specifically for early-stage companies, including ventures in the cannabis space.

“We’ve seen many early-stage companies come to us and say ‘we want to work with you, but can’t afford you,’” Patricio Fuentes from BoldCondensed told The Marijuana Times. “As a result, we saw really promising companies take other directions. Often they would come back to us – they had a false start and it was really costly to them.”


So Patricio and the folks at Gelcomm began thinking of ways they could help companies on tight budgets get started on the right track from the very beginning. And considering the complications that can arise regarding cannabis packaging and the various regulations that must be adhered to, an early-stage company could run into a lot of problems if they don’t use an agency with experience.

“Because we’ve surrounded ourselves with counsel that specializes in the cannabis space, we’re able to mitigate the sort of issues that could potentially be a problem,” Patricio told us. And although BoldCondensed was envisioned as an asset for any early-stage company, they’ve also been able to fill a real need in the cannabis industry.

BoldCondensed has positioned itself to be an industry leader when it comes to packaging and marketing, especially when it comes to eventual federal legalization. Federal regulations could precipitate wholesale changes in packaging and necessitate multiple products being pulled from shelves and re-packaged. New rules could mean a need for new marketing strategies, and BoldCondensed is preparing for that eventuality.

On their website, BC lays out exactly what services you can get with transparent pricing. Simplicity can certainly be an asset when time is in short supply; to get it from an agency that has worked with Fortune 100 companies is even more impressive.

“One of the main missions and goals we have is to help companies prepare for the future,” Patricio said. And unlike many agencies that are getting into the cannabis space that come from other disciplines, Patricio feels that BoldCondensed’s background in consumer packaging is a considerable advantage moving forward.

Things are moving fast in the cannabis space, and new entrepreneurs are entering the industry all the time. Rules are regulations are constantly shifting, and without help from those with experience navigating the ever-changing ins-and-outs of the industry, your foray into the cannabis space could be a short one.

If you’re looking for marketing expertise that fits your budget, make sure you check out BoldCondensed.

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