This month, we’re highlighting GFB’s case study. The Gluten Free Brothers have such an interesting story – both because they’re brothers and because developing their gluten free products has been a passion project for them.

We spoke with GFB co-founding brother, Marshall Rader, about his experience in branding his product.

Q: Was there anything interesting – maybe an “Ah ha” moment - that you discovered in the process of the brand refresh process?

Marshall: Yeah. So obviously my brother and I have our own relationship in real life that exists both at work and outside of it. It was interesting to watch that come to life on the packaging. Our customers can get a sense of our actual personality, who we are, and our style of banter.

Q: What would you say makes GFB unique?

Marshall: First, we develop products for great taste – not to engineer numbers. What I mean is, we aren’t sitting and using a chemistry set to mix together processed ingredients to hit a certain calorie mark. We take simple, real ingredients that you can buy off the grocery shelf and find a mix that tastes good. When you read our label, you understand the ingredients.

“Ridiculously tasty protein-packed” is our slogan. That’s what we’re going for.

GFB case study