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Pro-Health For Me

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The Ask

Proctor & Gamble saw that they had an opportunity to launch the first ever global oral care brand for teens. By evaluating the market, they realized that there was a clear space to develop products for the kids who have outgrown their young childish preferences, and graduated to a more edgy and mature aesthetic. The product was designed to fight the hard to tackle plaque & hygiene challenges young teens face in a creative and engaging way. By partnering with Gel they sought a strategic partner that could connect and interpret the wants and needs of the youth demographic.

The Solution

Through in-home audits, ethnographies, surveys and focus groups, our team completed a robust research study to understand the market, shelf, shopper, and end user. This comprehensive research gave us the tools to help mom or dad easily identify products for their 8- to 12-year-olds on shelf, as well as pass the high standards of what is considered “cool” for the young teens at home. A wildly successful global launch and roll-out of a complete oral care regimen closed the P&G circle from infant to kid to tween to adult.

the Talk

To set a “North Star” for the brands and their visual identities, we created Verbal Brand Platforms for each product. This is a suite of communications tools that aids brand communicators in clarity and consistency – the two traits that lead to consumer trust and long-term relationship building.

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