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The Ask

Formulated by Hebron, a leading pharmaceutical company in Brazil, Florax set out to shake up the probiotics game with their innovative, ready-to-drink liquid form. It was a best-selling treatment in Brazil for onset diarrhea, overall long term gut maintenance, and immune system boost. Hebron had previously launched Florax into the US Market with lukewarm results. To make a splash in this crowded category, Hebron asked for our help developing a brand strategy and brand identity that would resonate with today’s probiotic consumer.

The Challenge

To understand what set Florax’s liquid probiotic formula apart from other probiotics, we needed to comprehend consumer habits and practices in the category. We conducted a series of consumer surveys designed to find out what appealed to consumers about the Florax product. 
What points of difference rose to the top? And most importantly, how could we communicate them through emotional messaging and disruptive design that had stopping power in this crowded category?

The Solution

Florax’s biggest point of difference in the category: its once-a-week, portable liquid form. Through our consumer research, we learned that our target consumers liked Florax’s ability to address multiple concerns (ongoing maintenance and acute treatment) and the ease with which doses (once-a-week vs. once-a-day) could be incorporated into their daily schedule. We chose to emphasize this flexibility and freedom, establishing Florax as the brand for “on-the-go gut support” that can be easily customized for each consumer. We showed how Florax fits into their day-to-day life through branded lifestyle illustrations and personable consumer-facing messaging (i.e. “Flo Pro tips”). This effectively blended the more scientific and regulatory elements of the product with the brand’s emotional appeal.

The “Active Health Manager”

According to our consumer insight, the Florax target consumer consisted primarily of Gen X women with children—with notable product interest from Hispanic consumers. When it comes to ongoing gut maintenance, this consumer group self-treats and are regular probiotics users. But they’re also busy—with families, active lifestyles, and hectic schedules—and desire something that is multipurpose and can fit seamlessly into their lifestyle.

Partner in gut health

We set out to be the brand of choice for women with families who are concerned about overall gut health, immune system strength, and their ability to live healthy, active lives. Florax’s unique liquid delivery system and once-a-week dosage transforms the regular probiotic into something that can more easily fit their lifestyle.

Go with
the Flo

We highlighted Florax’s points of differentiation—convenience, efficacy, innovation, and personalization—to bring to life the flexibility, freedom, and fun that results from a once-a-week liquid probiotic. We imbued the identity with movement and whimsy, showing how Florax not only fits your lifestyle, but enhances it.

Slice of life

To bring this to life visually, we created characters that illustrate the on-the-go freedom of Florax. These characters are living—skating, sporting, savoring—in an approachable, ownable way. Consumers can envision themselves in these characters, free to live their lives with a probiotic that works for them.

It takes gut

We designed a system that catches the eye and communicates product attributes while looking different from competitive products in the category. We color-coded the three flavors (original, raspberry, and grape) and created corresponding illustrated characters so consumers could easily recognize their favorite Florax flavor.

One, Two, Three, Flor

The dynamic Florax characters expanded the brand’s marketing potential. Whether on-pack, on social, or on Amazon, we designed the characters to translate to different mediums, giving the consumer recognizable access to brand education and engagement.

That good gut feeling

Florax’s new brand identity debuted on Amazon with a bang, selling out in just one hour! With personality-packed packaging and its innovative, consumer-friendly form, Florax is shaking up the probiotic category, offering consumers a product that not only maintains ongoing gut support but flows with each consumer’s unique lifestyle. The results: a healthy, carefree gut, freeing consumers up to live their lives more fully!

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