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A Wakeup Call for a Cozy Brand

Building a brand travelers can get comfortable with


Market Reach after
first year of Refresh
Unique marketing touchpoints created

The Ask

Cabeau aimed to take their brand to the next level - competitively and tangibly. After an upgraded product design that raised the benefits of the product exponentially, Cabeau believed it was time for the brand to go through that same transformation. Gel happily agreed and started the project to revitalize the brand and packaging by first bringing the customer’s experience with the product to the forefront.

The Challenge

Building on strategic branding exercises and stakeholder interviews, our team started by giving the brand a strategic platform and voice that felt true to the brand. We established a bold, new, verbal and visual vocabulary, driven in equal parts by performance and comfort, giving them a foundation to build their brand communications and visuals on.


We then created visuals for identity and packaging to establishing clearly defined product tiers and cohesively communicate to Cabeau’s audience through clear graphic systems and stand out packaging in the grab-and-go travel retail space.

360 Degree

All of the assets built for cabeau culminated brilliantly withing the packaging that equally showed the comfort displayed by the product itself, but also incorporated the physical and emotional benefits of the brand. This differentiated from the competition and connected with the consumer on a level that helped the consumer rest assure they were buying the best product.


Every brand application, from the logo down to the packaging, was created with the experience of travel at the forefront. Not only prioritizing travel, but depicting comfort and user experience.

From A to ZZZ

Our system was then applied to every aspect of the brand. From social media campaigns to their new website design, Cabeau now alligned themselves with their audience through a cohesive system.

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