How’s this for an esoteric fact—according to the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, today’s marijuana is nearly twice as potent as it was just ten years ago. “But, Gelcomm,” you might be howling, “How can I, a discerning neatseeker, trust the impartiality of a statistic about drugs from the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy?” A fair point, you healthy skeptics, but if you’re looking for further proof of this fact’s factuality, you should see what’s happening to typography.

Warped and wavy, stretched and skewed; otherwise ordinary typefaces are being altered in seriously mind-bending ways, as a new era of psychedelia is blossoming from the high-res brains of a digital generation. Catching the contact high are fashion houses, retailers, package designers, and even brands looking to ride some freakier vibes. It’s a stronger strain of graphic design, and it’s fully legal in all fifty states. Stay wavy, baby.


1. University of The Arts Helsinki Branding 2. Museum of the Moving Image Proposed Identity 3. Alexander McQueen T-Shirt 4. Smoked Dallas Identity 5. Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Typographic Study 6. Current Identity 7. Paradise Print (Artist Unknown) 8. Absinthesis Bottle Design 9. Poster Design


Suggested soundtrack for this trend.


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