Our Services

No two brands are alike, and with every project we take on, we tailor our services to fit clients’ needs and goals like a glove. Consumer loyalty is rooted in trust, and by identifying and embracing your unique brand fingerprint, we’ll ensure that you keep winning them over.
We are strategists, designers, and experts in consumer goods branding. We'll ensure that your visual and verbal communication are beautifully realized, helping your brand connect with even the most challenging of audiences.
Insight & Strategy
Knowledge is power. Your vision combined with meticulous demographic and market research are the ground on which we can build great branding. We'll get you confidently pointed in the right direction.
Engaging package design is a vital step to establishing customer loyalty. We'll bring life and relevance to your on-shelf presence so it's an everlasting love-at-first-sight for consumers.
Style Guides
Establishing clear brand guidelines is essential to maintaining consumer trust as your brand grows. Our style guide development process will ensure unity and clarity is maintained across complex product lines and future rollouts.
Entertainment Branding
Gelcomm's roots are in youth branding and entertainment. Today, we are experts in connecting with youth and families, and our experience translates into trend research, product development, and art direction to appeal to all generations.
Cross-Platform Branding
At our core, we are a branding design agency dedicated to helping brands build awareness. We use all of the tools available—social media, mobile applications, print, and web—to help our clients bridge traditional on-shelf experiences to new and advanced consumer engagement.