As board-certified neatologists, we at Gelcomm can confidently confirm that “neat” is essentially synonymous with “cool.” True, “neat” is a bit more unassuming term—a cuddlier qualitative cousin to it’s shades-wearing, motorcycle-riding peer—but if you’re in a pinch, either one fits the bill. The question remains, though: if neat is “cool,” is “cold” neat? Andre 3000 would tell you that cold is in fact COOLER than being cool. This would put it in some astronomical category of neatness, but if you’re looking for stone-cold proof, look no further than this week’s cold stone: marble.

Once reserved for palace pillars, ancient sculptures, and paperweights at your grandma’s house, marble can now be seen lending some extra chilly style to sneakers, hats, iPhone cases, and a whole slew of other modern marvels. Equal parts edgy and elegant, its coldness is inherent, its coolness couldn’t be more evident, and its neatness is undeniable. That’s just sound science, folks. Welcome to the temple of knowledge.


1. Urban Outfitters Marble Pillow 2. Menu Marble Wall Clock 3. Native Union Clic Marble iPhone Case 4. Topshop Marble Pleat Back Shirt 5. Nike Roshe Run Marble 6. Auraine Botanicals Packaging 7. Elsa Rodrigues – Programa Cultural 8. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Marble Camera Case 9. Rude Chocolate Packaging 10. Shallowww S/S 13


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