All those who grew up playing video games in the late 20th century should be familiar with pixels–the building blocks of games such as Super Mario, Pacman, Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat and countless others. With the advent of games like 2009’s popular Minecraft series, which uses retro graphic elements as a design aesthetic, pixels have seen a resurgence in popularity, even becoming part of the fashion culture. Exaggerated visual representations of pixels can be found on materials like rugs, clothing, toys, and were recently the subject of a movie. Equal parts nostalgic and youthful, pixels are a nice way to reach both kids and kids at heart.


1: OLEX 2: Pixel Rug 3: Pixar 4: Pixels Movie Poster 5: Banana 6: Sculpteo 7: Uprising Digital


Suggested soundtrack for this trend.

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