Our Team
We are an agency of designers, illustrators, freedom fighters, mathematicians, parents, and salsa dancers. At gelcomm, size doesn't matter. Our immensely talented staff is what makes our boutique agency shine. We pride ourselves on diversity and believe it to be the inspiration of our work.

We are gelcomm, an agency of people dedicated to designing ideas that matter.


Eats hot dogs for breakfast. Collects dixie cups.

AliciaSenior Creative Director

Connoisseur of cheese. Would rather live in a jungle treehouse.

PaulineAccount Executive

Loves the beach, camping and good pizza!

AlisonAccount Executive

Nervous adult driver from the Land of 10,000 Lakes.


Loud singer. Acceptable drummer. Exceptional eater.


Brazilian, born and raised. cmyk lover + music addict.

BrianAccount Executive

Spirit animal is a moose. Dreams of scaling tall buildings.


Hola from Accounting.
Enough said.

BellaNight Watch

Vocal panhandler. Mobile pillow.