neat: youth trends

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January 22nd, 2013
neat: youth trends   You’d imagine finding legit, horse-photography designs in a 1984 time capsule or maybe on an episode of Pioneer Woman (which we love), but not on a Paris catwalk. These ancient noble animals are showing up on major runways and in designer collections from Stella McCartney to Wildfox Couture to Kohl’s.  The possibility of a majestic Appaloosa poster replacing a 1D poster is probably not too likely but we are ...
Vera Holroyd of MomFocus Marketing wrote an insightful article for those of us in branding, specifically in the space of youth and their caregivers. Utilizing Mom-advisory boards may not only save an agency time, but may save money if the product isn’t an initial success. We found this article to be informative:
neat: kids dress-up Whether it’s for play or for everyday, it seems that dressing up your kids in costume inspired clothing (hand-made or purchased) is popular. From little hipsters to rockabillies, kids today are out trending their parents, it’s adorable and we’re a little jealous. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6:
neat: bicycling trend: mothers have spoken With Michelle Obama as first lady, it’s no wonder Americans are now taking an interest in healthier lifestyles. Rarely, do you see new trends appeal to both youth and adults, but cycling is a healthy exception. Incorporating cycling into one’s life has become easier in the past 6 years, especially for mothers. A busy mother doesn’t always have time to set aside for exercising, but with the new innovative bicycle ...
Market Smart The Best in Age-and lifestyle-Specific Design Gelcomm  has been recognized in two  case studies (Cranium Bloom and Kellogg’s) in the recently published book, Market Smart: The Best in Age and Lifestyle Specific Design (Hardcover) co-produced/authored by Daniel Acuff, David Bonner, Jim Gilmartin and Dave Siegel. More than 500 age, gender, and lifestyle specific designs from around the world.