kristen bell + frozen

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April 13th, 2015
kristen bell + frozen Our newest packaging unveiled by the super talented mom and actress Kristen Bell!

cupcake research

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September 22nd, 2014
In reality, it’s [testing] about getting a balance and hearing what is being said about the product and taking it forward to learn and develop rather than going by what testing says works or doesn’t work.
neat: branded spaces Several brands are taking their image...
Good news, on-shelf products are not a thing of the past. Yes, digital has a huge influence over teenagers as they spend vast amounts of time on the internet but recent Harris Interactive’s studies show that “…82% of teens prefer to shop in-store rather than online…” That’s a huge percentage of teenagers looking for the next best thing at the mall or a shopping center.
Dieline: Think Outside the Box Join us on Oct 12 in LA for The Dieline Forum 1 Day Packaging Conference. Use code ALICIA12 by Aug 31 to save $100.
Educated Consumer: Positive Luxury Overall, I love the idea of this website. The consumer visits the Positive Luxury website to access information about top brands that are leading the way in environmental products. Their mission is easy to understand; informed consumers help build a better brand. Until recently, the words luxury and sustainability were never really friends. The sustainability movement has influenced many brands to review their production process and develop better products ...
Vera Holroyd of MomFocus Marketing wrote an insightful article for those of us in branding, specifically in the space of youth and their caregivers. Utilizing Mom-advisory boards may not only save an agency time, but may save money if the product isn’t an initial success. We found this article to be informative:
Apparently, it’s never to late to go back to who you used to be.  After much controversy and upset fans, Gap did the right thing.  Perhaps they should always ask their consumers their opinion? They are stakeholders after all…. What are your thoughts.  Do you think this will hurt their brand? Gap’s logo back to blue after fans gripe about new Gap’s logo returns to blue after fans gripe about new logo ...
Hello! Gap just recently redesigned their logo.  Apparently, it has received all kinds of comments.  Read today’s latest article and share your thoughts on their new look. Gap Redesigns Logo … But Why? by Erik Hayden Thursday, October 7, 2010 Some clothing companies adapt well to changing times, and Gap seemed to be one ofthose venerable brands. Apparently not.
We would like to congratulate the Oral Care team at Procter & Gamble on the launch of Pro-Health For Me. We are very proud of the work are excited to begin seeing it on shelves, world-wide, this month. Please look forward to an in-depth case study about how we worked together to create this exceptional brand, dedicated to the specific consumer segment of kids 8+ and their parents.