Los Angeles

neat: keepin’ the historic spirit alive timeless downtown structures then and now
neat: DTLA mexican food que rico.
Dieline: Think Outside the Box Join us on Oct 12 in LA for The Dieline Forum 1 Day Packaging Conference. Use code ALICIA12 by Aug 31 to save $100. http://bit.ly/qTlAc4
Good Times: Renegade Craft Fair Doing anything this weekend? Of course you are, you’re going to the 4th annual Renegade Craft Fair in Los Angeles! You’ll eat food from a gourmet food truck, take part in a craft workshop, have a beer or two and possibly make your own zine! If you don’t know what a zine is the only way to find out is by attending this event.
UNIQUE LA: Spread the Word! This weekend Unique LA will host yet another fun crafts event. So many local crafts to see and such little time to buy. If you’re tight on money don’t worry, it’s a great event to inspire your creativity as well. Take a break and take a drive to Santa Monica this weekend. Source: http://stateofunique.com/unique-la
Event Date: April 22nd, 2012 It’s that time again… time to ride your bicycle, lay under a willow tree, pick up trash around your community, adopt an animal, plant a tree or simply take a shorter shower. Yes, it’s Earth Day! The day to recognize and appreciate the life and beauty which surrounds us. This is a great opportunity for parents to take their kids on a mini outdoor adventure. If ...