neat: sustainable packaging

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May 17th, 2016

Being environmentally friendly is now more important than ever, and is much more than just using paper instead of plastic (which can sometimes be worse). Innovators are now incorporating unexpected materials and creative designs to make product packaging fun and sustainable at the same time. Simple things like a shopping bag now doubles as a hanger, a lamp box is also a lampshade and water comes in a paper bottle. Foods that require complex and non eco-friendly packaging in order to last, like multi-layer aluminum bags for freeze dried products, can now be packed in a more sustainable cellulose-based material that also works as a bowl. And dog poop bags can be made of a biodegradable GMO-free corn starch and vegetable oil material that only takes 40 days to compost. The current environmental situation has pushed us to design in a more sustainable way, and the result of it is amazing. The new packaging solutions are inventive and dynamic, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

1. Olive Poop Bags 2. Flicker Package Lamp Shade  3. H&M Hanger Bag 4. 360 Paper Bottle

5. Blanketed Baked Goods 6. Soft Beeswax Packaging 7. Sustainable Take-Out Package

8.  Expanding Bowl


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