neat: copper

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April 26th, 2016


It seem like copper is the new gold. Used in fashion, interiors or however you like, copper accents add warmth and a unique character to your style. A great collection of pennies collaged on your floor, or the backsplash of your kitchen, would add some “value” to your place; and recycled pieces of copper pipes can make that light bulb hanging in the center of your living room a lot cooler than the one at your friend’s house. Get some wallpaper or a can of spray paint and add some copper accents to your favorite room, it will give an elegant shine to your life.
1. Tranquil Copper Wallpaper  2. Copper Top Flatware  3. Copper Mugs 4. Copper Planter

5. Copper Piping Side Table  6. Copper Bike 7. Copper Pendant Lights  8. Maison Margiela Spazzolato Oxfords 


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