neat: bicycling trend: mothers have spoken

With Michelle Obama as first lady, it’s no wonder Americans are now taking an interest in healthier lifestyles. Rarely, do you see new trends appeal to both youth and adults, but cycling is a healthy exception. Incorporating cycling into one’s life has become easier in the past 6 years, especially for mothers. A busy mother doesn’t always have time to set aside for exercising, but with the new innovative bicycle designs she can easily kill two birds with one stone, while using her xtracycle to take her kids to school. You don’t necessarily have to look like you’re ready to do the Tour De France anymore when riding a bicycle. Various companies offer fashionable feminine cycling clothing, which are meant to motivate woman to commute. What better way to capture every inch of your environment at 10 mph, than cycling?
A tip from our staff:
• Check your local county’s website for rules, laws and regulations for bicyclist before riding.
• Riding on the sidewalk is not recommended, as cars pull in/out of driveways constantly.
• In California, cyclist may take up the entire right lane if they need to. Check with your state for regulations
• Always, wear a helmet!


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